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After watching my youtube.com video presentation, Diane pointed out several things that will help me engage my audience better, while communicating the topic more thoroughly.  She offered great insight into both the delivery of the speech and the structure so that my audience hears a clear call to action.“~Bill Svoboda, owner Coed Monkey

“Thank you so much for the thorough analysis of my speech. Your analysis was much more extensive than I expected. What I appreciated the most was the format that you presented to me. First, you gave me a summary with your top 2 recommendations so I can easily pinpoint the first areas I need to work on. The detailed analysis that follows broken down by area (eye contact, body movement, props, content, etc) gives me multiple points to begin working on to improve my presentation. The most helpful aspect of your analysis pertains to my content. You took the time to break down each component to my speech – intro, body and conclusion. As an aspiring speaker, it is wonderful feedback that will help me perfect my keynote speech so it can better serve my audience.”~Julie Savage, professional speaker, JumpStart Your Weigh

“Thanks for these videos; what a tremendous tool for helping one improve their speaking and presentations . . . there are plenty of individuals out there who would benefit from this!” ~Kenny Ray Morgan, motivational speaker, Kenny Ray LIVE! and 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist.

“I wanted to share my passion and business with others but my delivery was tonque-tied, too serious, and missing my whole objective. I needed help and direction. Diane helped me focus, lighten up and reach my audience in ways that were and are effective and result-producing. She helped me develop skills that conquered my tongue-tied babbling ways. I would say that in a short time my confidence in speaking has doubled not only in public venues but also privately. Diane has been one of the best investments I have made for my business this year.” ~Robin DeWitt, owner, Blue Egg Market

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your analysis/evaluation was SO helpful! You honed in on a few issues I’ve been concerned with, both with the speech itself and with my speaking in general. And you gave me some great ideas and suggestions for improving both–as well as some other things I need to work on.”                ~ Betty Liedtke, Dream Coach and professional speaker, Find Your Buried Treasure