Sample Professional Speaker Marketing Letter to Associations

Have you ever thought about sending out a mailing to associations to market your speaking?

Yesterday, I sent a mailing out, marketing my speaking business to about 65 professional associations/association management companies in the state. I decided to go bold and included the “Easy Button” graphic in the cover letter (my mailing included a cover letter and my one sheet).Easybutton

I also wanted to let the association meeting planners know that I tailor my presentations for their audiences, so I also included a graphic of my presentation process:

Presentation Process

(more on presentation process in the next post)

What I sent:

Letter to Associations

One Sheet

Sending out a mailing to associations is a bit of a shot in the dark, but as I had never done it before, and it wasn’t too expensive ($1.46 per mailing, including letterhead, envelope, return label and one sheet–items ordered from Vista Print),  I  consider it a bit of an experiment. Four hours and $95 invested . . . time will tell if it was time and money well invested.  If I get one speaking engagement, I will consider it a success.

I got my association list from an Midwest Society of Association Executives Directory which I had received because I placed an ad in it. You can also find associations in other places.  Your library may also have an Association database that you can access at no charge. For example, if you have a Hennepin County Library card, you can access the Associations Unlimited database (you have to log in to use).





Moving and Combining Shapes in PowerPoint (Video)

Triangle illusionCreating (or re-creating) a graphic in PowerPoint is a way to use simple images to create images, icons or other shapes that get your point across, without having to pay a graphic artist, or using someone else’s copyrighted picture. In this 5-minute Jing video, I show how I created the above image.

The “combine shapes” feature is surprisingly not a default feature on the PowerPoint ribbon tool bar, so if this is something you want to use, here are a couple of how-to’s on adding “Combine Shapes” to PowerPoint 2010:

1. Written (with pictures) instructions
2. A Video