Preview: Public Speaking Tips from the Top 10 TEDTalks

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Short, but powerful talks.  Although typically fewer than 18 minutes long, TEDTalks pack a punch:  unique ideas presented with passion.

Inspired by a recent NSA-MN Chapter meeting speaker, Hayley Foster, who spoke about creating TED-style talks (post here), I decided that I (and you) could probably learn some public speaking tips from TEDTalks.  For the next 10 weeks, I will watch and analyze a talk a week, from the most viewed talks (starting with #10 and working up to #1). Above is a screen shot of the top 10 most viewed talks as of 11/21/2013. (Link to current most-viewed list).

In about 600 words, I will share some public speaking tips from each talk that you can use in your presentations.  I invite your comments!

Next week is #10:  Dan Pink:  The Puzzle of Motivation