iPhone Stand-Up Comedy

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It’s summer, so let’s have some fun this week and next with Stand Up Comedy (If I can do it, so can you!).  This week and next, I will share my stand up comedy routines that I did at the last two Annual Humor Mill Toastmasters Stand Up Comedy Nights (11/2011 and 01/2013).

Below is the video (5:40) and a rough transcript.  It’s a rough transcript because I didn’t write out everything and after I wrote it, I practiced it in an ad-lib way.  In fact the line “and I won’t talk about vibrate mode” was not one I had planned nor had I practiced–it was inspired by the moment. You will note that the routine has been somewhat customized to a Toastmasters audience, and that I actually mention some audience members.  Oh, since the video, I’ve upgraded iPhones twice.  Now I have an iPhone 5.  I love it even more. :)

My New Love iPhone Humorous video

Rough Transcript Draft:

Do you know what the best time is to tell your spouse some really bad news?  In a roomful of Toastmasters!
Sorry honey, but I have a new love.

  • He never forgets a birthday.
  • I can talk to him all I want and he never interrupts
  • He’s the last thing I look at before I go to bed and the first think I look at when I wake up.

Yes, I’m talking about my new iPhone. Just got it last week
Before my iPhone, my idea of a fun evening was to go out to a movie with friends.  Now, I don’t need to leave the house.  I have streaming Netflix and 551 Facebook Friends.   And unlike my husband, in the middle of a movie, my iPhone never says “I was just resting my eyes.”

And all the applications—there are a bazillion applications. (demonstrate)
Ever want to liven up a boring meeting? ifart

Ever the designated driver? ibeer

Need a quick Halloween costume?  Mouthoff

Ever wonder what you’d look like with a few extra pounds?  Fatbooth

This picture is my new diet plan—I stare at it . . . until I lose my appetite.
Sometimes I look at this picture and a little voice inside my head tells me . . .  “go for it.”

Ever tell a joke and nobody laughed? Laughs

Ever wonder what other people’s fantasies are?  This is a cool app—FantasizeME.  Just take a picture of the person and their fantasy self is displayed.  Do you want to see the one I took of Faye?  This is her inner desire to be a Vampire Princess in the next Twilight Movie.

I can’t stop myself. All these applications.

I’m beginning to think I’m an app-a-holoic.  I need a 12-step program. Wait,  I think there’s an app for that!