Keep Calm and Join Toastmasters

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Keep Calm and Join Toastmasters

Do you wish you could speak with greater confidence?

Do you wish you could answer off-the-cuff questions (like on job interviews), without sounding off-the-wall?

Do you wish you could develop the leadership skills to ignite your career?

What excuse is holding you back? Too busy?  Not enough money?

I heard someone say, “Excuses are like armpits, everybody has two and they both stink!” I have observed that ultimately people do and make time for what they want to do.

If you truly want to develop as a speaker, the number one thing you need to do is speak!

Toastmasters is a low-cost, flexible, self-paced program in a club format that will allow you to develop speaking (and leadership) skills.

Most of my subscribers are familiar with Toastmasters, but if you aren’t, there are Toastmaster clubs worldwide that meet on a regular basis in which people like you practice speaking and leadership skills.  An entire year of membership is only about $100.  Toastmasters Website

Toastmasters is for everyone. Recently my friend Patty Bremer, who has epilepsy, received her Competent Communicator Award, completing 10 speech projects.

Patty Bremer and Joe Brauer
Patty is shown here with Toastmaster Joe Brauer.  Joe is a financial planner.

My husband, Kim, who is hearing impaired (but recently got new, very awesome hearing aids), also has seen great benefits through his involvement with Toastmasters.
(1:42 Video)

If you already are a Toastmaster, consider joining another club to develop your skills further.  I belong to two specialty clubs:
PowerTalk Toastmasters (for professional and aspiring professional speakers)
Humor Mill Toastmasters (focusing on humor)

If you are seeking individualized coaching, ask me about my reduced rate for Toastmasters!

Find a Toastmasters Club!