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Would you like to have input into a book on public speaking? What are the things you really want to know?  What do you wish you knew earlier?

I’m actually thinking of getting a quick Kindle book out in about a week or so using mostly a selection of my 2012 speaking tips that you have been reading in this blog.  Yes, I did say I was thinking of writing and publishing a book in about a week.  Which means I really need any input that you can provide by Monday!

Why would you want to help me?

1. You like me.
2. You want to have input into a book on public speaking.
3. You’d like to see your name in print in the acknowledgement section.
4. You will get a free copy of the book (pdf format to download).  And, I’ll let you know when I do a 5-day free promotion on Amazon, so you can download to your Kindle reader for free, too!

My intended readers would be people like you–Toastmasters, business professionals, conference presenters, aspiring professional speakers.


The above picture is my planned bookcover-I wanted something a little different looking than all the other public speaking books, and, well, I love cats.   I was inspired by Malcom Gladwell’s book, What the Dog Saw.

What specifically do I want from you? Pick any or all of the following:

1. Input on the content–what else should I write about? (I plan on also incorporating input into the remaining blogs for the year)
2. Quote from you on how the advice in this blog made a difference for you–for inclusion on a testimonial page.
3. Review on Amazon after the book is published.

If you can, I need #1 or #2 by Monday. 

Thank you for your input!

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