Be an Audience Magnet with One Simple Act

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Smile Magnet

Do you want to be a people-magnet when you speak?

Did you know there is one thing that you can do that will increase your trust-level, likeability, perceived confidence (and competence) and your attractiveness?

That one thing is to smile–your genuine smile!

Smiling can reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase the levels of mood-enhancing hormones–in both you and your audience.  Smiling relaxes your audience and  the contagious nature of smiles encourages them to smile back at you!  Plus, because a smile is the most easily recognizable facial expression–it can be seen from twice the distance of other expressions–smiling helps you connect more with a large audience, too.

Knowing the importance of smiling means two main things for a speaker:

1. Smile often, especially at the start of your presentation.

2. Have the best smile you can.

First, smile often.  Before you say a word, you can smile at your audience (look at them with love, excited to give them the gift of your presentation).  During your speech, not every part of your speech will be appropriate for smiling, but odds are you can smile more.  One thing I’ve noticed as I get older is that my neutral expression looks more negative than neutral, but a smile lights up my face with positiveness.

Smile during the happy or exciting parts of your speech.  Smile after you have given your audience a “take-away” point or an action step.  Smile and nod at your audience to get them to “buy-into” a concept.

Smiling is easier if it comes naturally, so take some effort in your day-to-day activities and smile at the checkout girl at the grocery store, smile at the waiter who serves your lunch, smile at the Starbucks barista and even smile at the grouchy woman behind the counter at the post office.  Spend some time with small children–little smile machines!

Second, make sure you have the best smile that you can!  Regular flossing and brushing and good dental work make a difference.  Consider orthodontia if your teeth detract from your smile.  Over-the-counter teeth whiteners can be an easy way to boost the brilliance of your smile.  If you are a woman, frame those pearly whites in an attractive shade of lipstick.

Smile to draw your audience to you and your message like a magnet!

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you . . .

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