How to Start and End Your Speeches

  • SumoMe

People remember best how you start and how you end!

Do you know what parts of a presentation are best remembered?

The interesting parts, right?  Well, yes! And some parts are remembered better because of their locations in the speech.  Numerous studies have shown (with lists of items) that people recall the items near the end of the list best (the recency effect).  Items near the beginning are remembered second best (the primacy effect).

When it comes to presentations, there is also the first impression.  How well you grab the audience at the start can dictate how engaged they are for the rest of the presentation.

The next several posts will cover the following topics:

1. Opening and closing with questions

2. Opening and closing with startling statements

3. Opening and closing with a quote or poem

4. Opening and closing with a story

5. Opening and closing with a joke

6. 3 P’s of introductions:  Pep, Promise, Path

7. Bookending (tying your ending to your beginning)

8. Complete Conclusions

9. Closing with a call to action

Open your speech to grab your audience’s attention and tease them so they want to hear more.  End your speech powerfully to get your message remembered.

Next week:  opening and closing with questions.